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Pitcairn Songs

My Music

PITCAIRN SONGS is my very first CD.


I started writing songs in September of 1987 whilst on my first visit to Norfolk Island.

In 1999 Phil Hayward discovered who I am whilst I was on Norfolk Island and was eager to hear my songs. After much persuasion he encouraged me to record all that I have written and we decided to use these 8 tracks to make my first ever CD.

Phil Hayward was able to produce my CD Through the Centre for Contempory music studies in Macquarie University.

This Album is still very popular as the songs I have written tells a great deal about our history.

I have changed the label and cover several times, but the music is still the same.







The song, With Love Maimiti was written in 2000 on top the Hill over looking Adamstown at a place named Big Ridge. It is about Mauatua whose nick name  is also known as Maimiti or English name Isobella. Maimiti who is my Great great great great Grandmother has been my mentor since I learnt about her from my mother, Bernice Christian and other elders of the Pitcairn community.

Spending time on Norfolk Island, they nicknamed me Maimiti and I carry the name proudly.

Track 6 of this album is dedicated to my Norfolk Island family and my love of the people of Norfolk Island.

Pitcairn’s places tells the stories about the historic place names here on Pitcairn Island.

This Album was recorded here on Pitcairn Island in the broom cupboard of the SDA church by Marius Luessi in 2005.


May you enjoy listening to My second album. Thank you....Meralda



Here comes Mama with her Niau broom was written by Arthur Baysting and myself whilst I was recouping from spinal surgery in New Zealand

The whole album was created using 4 of the songs that Arthur and I wrote together and the other 4 I wrote here on PI and New Zealand in 2009

Some of the songs I wrote to help the Children of Pitcairn to remember our Pitcairn words, their meaning and the different took a lot of learning and help from James Baysting to master the recording setup and finally on the day I left NZ,I had with me the master copy of this CD.

A Bonus track on this disc for you to enjoy.

Happy Listening


 Randy Key- Songs of Pitcairn


 Randy Key saw a video of me on you tube singing With Love Maimiti. We met on Facebook, and we have a great friendship going. Discussion turned to Music. a passion both he as a musician and a music teacher and I have in common. With us sharing stories of my lifestyle and happenings of Pitcairn and he is telling me about Kansas USA, it started us into Song writing mode and he started writing a song, Down in Adamstown. Quickly there were more songs and soon an album Songs of Pitcairn was available. As he was busy in Kansas recording in a studio the songs he had written, I was designing the cover of his album. With us living an Ocean away, it wasn’t possible for us to sing together these songs, but we are able to sing them when we can. I teach culture class and have taught the girls at school several of the songs on this album. He is so happy to hear recordings of us singing his songs, Seeing the performances on video of our school plays.

Randy’s generosity and big heart lead him to donate the funds of this album to help with the education of my grand niece Cushana who is heading to New Zealand to high school end of this year 2022. Thank you all for the support.

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