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Meralda and Mum Mavis Warren

My name is Meralda Warren and I am a 7th Generation Pitcairn Islander. Born and raised here on Pitcairn over 60 years ago to my parents the Late Jacob Ralph Warren and my mum Mavis Mary Warren nee Brown.

I am proud to follow my ancestry from my Polynesian foremothers who the Otato (consorts) to the men who came here to Pitcairn Island on the H.M.A.V Bounty in 1790.

Mauatua & Fletcher Christian

Vahineatua & John Mills

Teio & William McCoy

Toofaiti & Edward Young

Taoupiti & Thursday October Christian (Mauatua's first born)

Teio & John Adams

Tevarua & Mathew Quintal

Wussing I do.(What do I do)

I teach Pitcairn culture and language at school. I have been teaching our small group of Island children since 2005.

After many years of working hard for our community, I have eased into what I love doing. teaching the kids and showing them them my passion for art.


In 1984 I headed for the big Island of Hawaii and study the art of water colour in the Kona coffee art school run at the time by Bob and Carol Rogers who are no longer with us.


I was enthused in my younger days to paint the many landscapes of PI and Oeno Island but soon responsibilities took over here on our small Island. My paints grew hard in their tubes and my Brushes dried out.


Travelling with patients to New Zealand and Tahiti and taking up Nursing, Radio Operator for the shore to ship skeds from ZBP station and twice daily contact with Auckland international Radio telephone link, Working in our Co-op store, Council member for many years as well as being the Governors appointee member to council a few times, Becoming the first female Police & Immigration Officer for a few years. Lands Commission president, Lands court member, Bee keeper since 1978. ASL operator for Siesmic Vault, Installing wireless networking throughout Adamstown, Duncan cleaner, Contract Lawnmowing jobs, and many jobs to keep Pitcairn going. PHEWWwww.

It became apparent to me that what I enjoy most is my art and also writing songs and singing. This is getting pushed aside whilst I am working these time consuming no pay or low paid positions which was making me very tired and yes....Bitchy....Not Nice huh.......I was determined to get my smile back and be the pleasant person I once was.

All exciting in its time as we faced new challenges.


Amongst it all I became a determined and avid Amatuer radio gal. VP6MW (Victor Papa 6 Mighty Woman). working 100's of thousands of people on my little Yaesu FT77 and different Yaesu rigs. One of the most exciting DXpeditions I went on are the ones in 2002 & 2003 when Kan JA1BK invited me along with 4 other VP6 and members from Japan, Germany and USA to Ducie Island. I loved it and became the first female operator to work from Ducie. I was mainly working morse code on that DXpedition.


I have been very fortunate in life to have travelled to many many countries and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. It is so wonderful to see people and to catch up with different cultures. I will always be grateful for those ones who believed in me and for those who have financed my trips so as I can share their paradise.


Since the recovery of Spinal operation and also through out the many years  I have taken up my brushes again and loving it. Discovering the traditions of making Tapa cloth and dying the cloth with the natural dyes have really charged me up as an artist. Being a part of the Ahu sista's group have made dreams come true for me.

We have moved on and just recently have worked with Tok Stories. on their website I was able to Present the things we make here on Pitcairn.


Now we are in 2022 and a lot have changed on our little Island and me too. Im in my 63rd year now and slower than I used to be. I am more into my art world and Beekeeping as the trend goes. Life for me is still very busy and Ham Radio, Art, Making coconut oils and turning them into soap. Family and friends and special friends over seas.


Playing my old Piano accordion and Guitar. writing songs again. helping Randy Key to write songs about Pitcairn. oh so amazing to put ones heart and soul into music.


Thank you for family and friends who help me near and far to continue doing the things I love doing.




Mum was born in 1936 and have outlived my Dad Jacob.

Retired from being the first Postmistress on Pitcairn Island, She worked alongside her male Postmasters and collogues for 24 years.

She enjoys our home and her weavings and painted leaves. She is very skilled in her weaving and makes a variety of baskets.

Mum loves to potter and also help me to gather thatch for her weavings.

Her lounger chair on the Veranda and her lounge chair hold he up mostly but she stil plait and weave whenever she can. Puzzle book is one of her favorite thing.

One great thing about my mum is that she is straight out front and will not beat around the bush.

She have a son, my older brother Jay Warren and he too have made her very proud.

Jay is the Supervising Engineer for the Island and also the Head of the Department of Conservation.

With his wife Carol who is now retired, they make a lot of crafts too.

Daughters of 2 who are major role players here.

Their grandchildren are the future of our tiny Pitcairn Island.


Maimiti Haven arts is our home where we create using as much of what grow here on Pitcairn Island.

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