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Maimiti Haven Honey comes from Meralda Warren's Hives situated up Melair.

Honey comes in 250gm jar

with a burst of rich flavour. 100% pure Honey.

Maimiti Haven Honey

  • have been a beekeeper since 1978 here on Pitcairn.

    The hard work of keeping our hive going is challenging some times.

    It can be strong and robust then at times we can lose a hive if hungry bees are about and rob the weaker hives. constant care is needed in clearing around the hive. making sure the entrance is clear for easy access for the bees bringing in nectre and the out going ones looking for nectre and pollen to keep a good balance in the Hive.

    Checking the hive regularly inside and removing old used frames and replentishing with good strong waxed frames helps the happy bees continue work in making the honey that is so nutricious and healing.

  • Hi you can contact me via Email or on Face book. Meralda Warren is my facebook contact.

    my email address is 

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