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Lala (My nick name) Talhi was created when I saw my 86-year-old mum finishing of a 5 plait Piory sennet I started for her.

Looking at the plait I thought it would be cool if I added hua (weaving strips of Piory) This I did and I finished of the bottom like we do the Coconut Talhi (Baskets) 

Lala Talhi is finished using a 2 hua sennet sewn around the handle joints and around the top of the basket and around to form its own design. No 2 will be the same.

Size: 350mm wide by 250mm High with 1 handle.

Lala Talhi Basket Large

SKU: Weaving

    Hi you can contact me via Email or on Face book. Meralda Warren is my facebook contact.

    my email address is 


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